Top Free MAC Music Players to Replace iTunes

Top  Free MAC Music Players to Replace iTunes

There are many MAC music player apps available in the Apple Store that offer amazing features and best music experience. These Music Apps are good to manage your huge song collection on MAC with ease and swiftly.

Many Mac users love to use the pre-installed iTunes for their media files in order to access them whenever they want.
When you consider these MAC apps, they are better equipped to provide you the best music experience and more flexible enabling you to break your ties with the iTunes ecosystem. Here are the best free Mac music play tools for you with their great features.


Vox is a good and simple music player sporting minimal looks with tons of options. It support all the present audio formats like FLAC, MP#, APE etc. If you love to tweak and fettle with the music settings.

Coming with Skype integration and works efficiently with the hardware media control buttons on Mac as well as by the Apple Remote. Vox pulls out all the music present in iTunes music stored on your system and plays it instantly when it is opened with high fidelity sound.

Quick Time Player

Quick Time player from Apple itself supports a lot of media formats and codec, allowing you to play your favorite music whenever you want to. Despite being a screen recorder, you can also use the tool for playing music files and enjoy them in high quality.

Quick Time comes pre-installed in the Mac that avoids you to install any third party applications. It is a great tool to play the music easily whenever you want.

VLC Player

Almost every Windows is familiar with the uses of VLC, how functional it is. The player offers almost every function that has for Windows to Mac users. You can use it for internet radio and podcast management to get the favorite song easily.
Level your song just right with the offered presets and tune it with the 11 frequency bands. With dynamic features of the tool, set the right output module for the audio to be perfect for ears.


Tomahawk is based on the features of iTunes, functioning as an all-in-one digital hub. It collects your online and local music in one hub, no matter where you content is this tool will locate and play it.

The player can be connected to Twitter, Google and with other social platforms easily to share the playlists. It is the perfect answer to the search of a hardcore music lover who wants a great music player with some above than par connectivity features.


Tired of using the stale music player equipped with useless functions, then give Clementine a try. It is a feature-rich small music player coming with best of the class music management. The music player inherits a cover manager, music format transcoder, CD ripper and several other tools to make the experience just brilliant.

You can also tweak the appearance of the player a little bit if want a change from the default one. Clementine is also integrated with several cloud storage services.

Audirvana Plus

Audirvana Plus offers the best streaming sound quality on music playback. It comes with automatic sample rate switching and minimizes the use of CPU to decrease the load on the system. Enjoy gapless playback with the double buffering mechanism of the player and can be operated easily with Apple IR Remote.

The player completely plays from the memory of Mac and automatically updates itself by downloading them as soon as they come. There is no equalizer and special effects on the player, it just offer a great music experience.


A fan of Songbird will instantly love Nightingale as it is a forked version of the player. Nightingale comes with a minimal interface, built-in browser and extensions. The player is integrated with several web services and is capable of playing the locked DRM audio.

It has a library that is simple to manage and comes with smart playlists that filters your music library. The interface of the player can changed from the default one to present one.

There are several music players available for Mac system and you can select the best one by seeing this list or by concluding a search on your own. You would like to choose the music player that meets and caters all your needs as per your perception.

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