These Secret Codes Let You Access Hidden iPhone Features


1. Block Caller ID:

By using the simple code you can hide your phone number. No one would be able to identify if it’s you calling. To do this just dial #31# and your phone number.

Block Caller ID

It will look like this for the person receiving the phone call.

It will look like this for the person receiving the phone call

2. Check Signal Strength:

The signal bars are not the correct method to measure whether the signal is good or bad. Dialing *3001#12345#* will bring up a list of options. Ignoring the list of choices, just hold down the power button until the home screen reappears.

Check Signal Strength

You will have numbers on the top left, instead of bars or circles. A number between the range of -4 to -80 indicates a strong signal, below that, is a bad signal. If you are down around -140, you have no signal.


3. Find Your Phone’s Unique IMEI:

We know that every phone as its unique code identifier that is displayed inside the phone settings.


But by typing #06# you can easily access the code.

Unique IMEI

4. Find Out Where Your Texts Go:

Do you know that regular messages (SMS) work by forwarding your message wirelessly to a message center via a specific phone number? Yes, it’s true. To see your carrier’s secret number, punch in *#5005*7672# and then hit the call button.

Find Out Where Your Texts Go

5. Call Barring:

Call barring, this allows you to block both incoming and outgoing calls. You will have to pay for the service. But if you already do, enable it by entering *33*PIN#, or you can disable it by entering #33*PIN#.
Call Barring

6. Call Waiting:

This is also a paid service. Call waiting allows you to place incoming or current calls on hold. You can turn it ON or OFF and figure out whether it’s done with a few codes. To find out the status of your call waiting, dial *#43#. To turn it ON, dial *43# and to turn it OFF, dial #43#.


7. Call Forwarding:

To check if your forwarding calls are activated and where you are forwarding them to, enter *#21#.

8. Check Number of Missed Calls:

To check the number of missed calls, punch in, *#61#.
Check Number of Missed Calls

9. EFR Mode:

EFR stands for Enhanced Full Rate that improves voice quality for GSM services. To turn it on, dial *3370#. However, this slightly reduces battery life.

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