How To Sharpen An Image In MS Word

You can add images, videos, tables, graphs, and screenshots in an MS Word file. It isn’t one of the world’s most popular word processors for nothing. If you’re willing to invest the time, you can use it to create stunning documents. For anyone unfamiliar with professional document designing apps, MS Word is heaven sent. The images you insert in an MS Word document are added in reduced quality. This is to keep the size of the file somewhat reasonable. A single image can add substantially to a document’s size. Imagine if it were added in its original size, your document might become too big to be emailed. Of course, the reduced quality doesn’t always look good in which case, you should sharpen an image in MS Word to make it look better.

MS Word isn’t an image editor by any stretch of the imagination. It has a few tools with limited options for editing an image. These include crop tools, color filters, shapes, borders, and more. If an image you’ve added to your document looks off, you can sharpen it. There’s a built-in tool that lets you do just that.

Sharpen An Image In MS Word

MS Word has a sharpen image feature as far back as Office 2007. Perhaps older versions of the productivity suite have this feature too. It is accessed the same way but the actual controls will be different based on which version of MS Office you’re using. This post details how you can sharpen an image in MS Word in Office 2016.

First, insert a picture via the Insert tab on the ribbon. Next, right-click the image and select ‘Format picture’ from the context menu.

 Image In MS Word

A panel will open on the side with several tabs. Select the Format Picture tab; it’s the one on the far right.

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