How to save Photo Space on your iPhone with iOS 8.1

If you are running out of storage memory all the time on your iPhone and always looking for tricks or features which could save memory, then you might very well consider the feature which Apple has introduced in iPhone with latest iOS 8.1. With iOS 8.1 Apple introduced  iCloud Photo Library feature which can save a lot of Photo Space on your iPhone. Here, we are going to share how to save Photo Space with iOS 8.1 using iCloud Photo Library feature.

Save Photo Space with iOS 8.1

iCloud Photo Library feature uploads all your Photos and videos to iCloud. You can activate iCloud Photo Library Feature by going to Settings. In Settings select iCloud. Under iCloud select Photos. 

save space - iCloud Photos
iCloud Photos

Here, you can toggle the button for iCloud Photo Library to activate the feature.

Save Photo Space with iOS 8.1- iCloud Photo Library
iCloud Photo Library

Activating iCloud Photo Library feature will upload all your Photos and videos to iCloud. By default this feature saves high resolution ( full size ) Photos to both your iPhone as well as iCloud. However, there is iOS 8.1 trick or feature which can allow you to upload High resolution full size images to iCloud and keep optimized compressed images on your iPhone.

To set this up and save compressed versions of your Photos on your iPhone and uploading full size high resolution Photos to iCloud go to the same screen where you activated iCloud Photo Library feature. Under that you will see Download and Keep Originals ticked by default which keeps high resolution full size photos on your device as well as on iCloud. But there is another option which says Optimize iPhone Storage. Select this option and it will upload all the full resolution Photos and Videos to iCloud and keep optimized compressed version your Photos and Videos on your iPhone.

Save Photo Space with iOS 8.1 - Optimize
Optimize Phone Storage

The compressed version of Photos and videos occupies lesser space which your Library would normally take with full resolution Photos and videos. Moreover, these compressed images on your iPhone are still good enough to share on social networks or showing them to friends or family.

We would recommend you to switch on this Optimize iPhone Storage feature for iCloud Photo Library and save Photo space with iOS 8.1 on your iPhone. Actually it is the full Library space which you are saving as it includes the videos too.

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