How to Restore Deleted Files

If you accidentally deleted an important file, you would want know how to restore deleted files on your computer. Try to restore the deleted files as soon as possible. The more it’s delayed, harder it becomes to restore the files back.

Generally, people think that once data is deleted permanently, it can never be restored. However, that’s not the complete truth. The key here is to act quickly.

How to Restore Deleted Files – The Complete Guide

Following guide will walk you through step by step instructions to restore deleted files on your computer.

Here are the steps you should follow in order to restore the deleted files back on your Windows based PC.

Check the Recycle Bin
First and basic step is to check for the file in recycle bin. If it’s present there, you can easily restore it. All you need is to right click on the file icon and select “Restore”. The file will move back to it’s original location on hard drive where it was present before deletion.

However, if the file was big, it may not be present in recycle bin. There could be other possibilities wherein the file may not be present in recycle bin. For example, if you pressed shift+delete while deleting the file, it won’t hit the recycle bin.

Stop Using Your Hard Drive
What happens when you delete a file is the operating system marks the space allocated to the file as available for use and it deletes the pointer to file. So physically the file is still present on hard drive until some new data is stored on same location.

So, the chances of restoring the deleted files is higher if you don’t use your PC after deletion of the file.

Download a Data Recovery Utility
Get an effective data recovery software. Try downloading it on a different drive, if you have one. There are some recovery software that offer a portable version. You can download the portable version on your pen drive / thumb drive and run the program directly from the USB device. However, not all software provide the portable version.

Some of the most effective software to restore deleted files are listed below:


One of the best software for data recovery. It is very simple and easy to use. Recuva has some advanced features to recover the data. Once you download and install this software, it will ask you what type of data you are searching for and the location of that data, then it will scan your PC at speed.

Recuva can recover data from hard disk, memory card, and USB device as well. You can download and install Recuva software for free and use it whenever your data or any important file is lost. However, avoid downloading on the same drive from which your file was deleted.

PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery is another recovery tool which will help you to restore deleted files. The interface is not as simple as Recuva and while searching for deleted files, you need some patience.

To use this tool, there is a simple folder view and dialog box. In that dialog box you have to locate file by name and it will attempt to restore it on your drive.

The download size of this is 3.3MB.

Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete is another effective recovery tool which will help you to restore deleted files. It is very simple and easy to use.

It has a nice interface as compared to other tools. To restore a deleted file, you have to scan the drive, then click search and wait until it’s finished.

It recovers data on both FAT and NTFS drives. The files that are found after scan are presented in a single list and in folder view option. You can search files by file type and name. It works well for data recovery.

The disadvantage of this tool is before using this tool you have to install it. However, you should download and install this on a different drive / partition.

Like other tools, Glary Undelete helps you restore files from hard disk, memory card, USB drives etc.


Restoration is another effective software to restore deleted files. You don’t need to install this software. You can download and use it from a thumb drive or external hard drive.

Puran File Recovery

This is also a great and simple software to quickly scan your hard drive and restore deleted files. It has 3 modes to scan: Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Full Scan. The size of this tool is just 2.2 MB.

Scan Your Hard Drive Using Any of the Tools

Once you have got the data recovery software mentioned above, run it. Every software is different but the basic functionality is same. You need to run a scan to find out the list of deleted files still present on your hard drive. You can then try to restore them back to their original location on hard drive.

If you had deleted your data from a USB device, then you can scan that as well. Just specify the drive in your software before running the scan.

Most of the software tell you upfront after running the scan if the files can be restored or not. Please be informed that not all files can be restored.

If it can be restored, you will be able to select the file from the list of results and click on the restore option of the software.

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