Recover lost pendrive space and fix pendrive virus


I recently installed Kali Linux (Backtrack) on my system along with windows 10 to make it a dual boot. I have two pendrives :) so that even if i misplace one I’ll have a backup plan (totally absurd but true). though I take all the safety measures to keep my data and devices safe (by safety measures I mean common sense) sometimes things get a bit out of hands.

I used a 16 GB USB 3 pendrive to install the Kali linux. It all went smooth the only problem I got into was losing space from my pendrive, the 16 GB pendrive for some reasons became a 2.8GB pendrive and no matter how I try to format it its the same 2.8GB, because while creating a bootable perdrive it created a new partition of the size of Kali ISO file and I could only use that space afterwards rest of it was gone. So to solve the issue I had to use diskpart using CMD to format and totally clean the perdrive to regain all the lost space.

Just follow the simple steps listed below to restore the lost space and get back to whatever you were upto.

  • Goto start>run
  • Type cmd and the cmd.exe file will apear right click on it and Run as administrator ->Click Yes on next popup (This will open the command prompt).


  • Now just type in the following commands one by one.
    Note: In command 3 listed below ensure that you select the disk that represent your pendrive


This will resolve every storage related issue your device had, whether it was from sothing similar to the issue I had or some virus might have caused it this will fix everything.

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