PD Proxy Premium Account for 1 year free

PD Proxy premium account

PD Proxy which is used by most of guys. Most of you are using free internet trick in PD Proxy, but in free trial account you are limited to 100 MB only. SO, to bypass limit of PD Proxy, you need PD Proxy premium account login credentials. PD Proxy 100 MB can not be passed as it is VPN client which is connected over internet. So, basically, when you cross 100 MB they will simply close your account for 1 day. Recently, we have also shared free Netflix accounts.

PD Proxy Premium Account January 2017

Most of you are simply tired after searching for PD proxy premium account trick or pd proxy premium account generator or pd proxy premium account trick, but all these are fake. We Dreamy Tricks is sharing our account of PD Proxy premium account which we bought for all of you. So, without wasting time, lets move to some introduction about PD Proxy.

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What is PD Proxy?

PD Proxy is simply a VPN software which enables you to visit any site by making your identity anonymous. You can easily open any site which is blocked in your internet connection, I mean by your ISP or if firewall is blocking that site. So, guys with PD proxy, you can change your computer IP address as well as its location easily just some clicks. VPN client is very useful when you use public WiFi connections also.

pd proxy

Features of PD Proxy Premium Account for free:

  1. No 100 MB limit in PD Proxy premium account.
  2. Can browse any server other than Demo server.
  3. All ports of UDP 9201, 49200, 49201, 53, 9200 etc.
  4. Can use torrent server also.
  5. No Speed Capping.
  6. All features of premium account.
  7. No need to search for PD Proxy bypass trick.
  8. Password updated daily
  9. Use any free internet trick.

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PD Proxy Premium account:

Download PD Proxy free premium account by clicking here below image.

Get PD Proxy Premium for free NOW

Mirror 1                                         Mirror 2                                      Mirror 3

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How to use PD Proxy Premium account:

  1. Download PD Proxy premium account Login details from above link.
  2. Download PD Proxy from here
  3. Now, Enter username and password of PD Proxy premium account.
  4. Click on Connect.
  5. Enjoy PD Proxy premium account.

Is PD Proxy premium Account beneficial?

Yes! The login credentials which we are sharing here are totally free. I mean you can use PD Proxy premium account for free without any problem. This PD Proxy premium account is totally legal and safe to use, as Our team has bought it for our readers on there special requests. You can use our PD Proxy premium account without paying a single buck. So, that you can bypass 100MB Limit of PD Proxy without any problem. Hope, its clear about PD Proxy premium account now.

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