Make Money Online from Home – Top 10 ways

The online jobs, working from home business is a big revolution in this century and it is working very well for the clients as well as contractors.Still many people don’t believe in working online but smart people like you are started making money from home.

Still if you have any confusions or doubts in your mind about how to Make Money Online let’s clear them and start earning today. Read the all possible ways to generate income online. I promise that if you completely read this article you will definitely get few ideas.
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Can we really Increase our Income using our Computer and Internet ?
Yes,absolutely you can earn what you’ve deserved but the question is.
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How to make online money without investment from home?
The answer for this question is difficult to answer for me but it is easy for you because you know what your talent is.In present situation almost every work you can do online but you have to find your correct platform.There are many ways to make money online but for now i am giving you the most successful and best ways to earn some bucks (dollars) online.Choose the category that best suites for you.

Even though if you don’t have any special skill still you can make money online but the more your talent then more money.Check out the best ways to make money online from home without investing anything from any country (India, USA, UK, CANADA, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH,Philippines, France, Brazil, Italy , Pakistan,Australia,America, England, South Africa or any other country. Don’t mind the order.)

Best sites earn money
Best ways to make online money from home for free Without investment
1.Pay-per-click ( PPC )
This is one of the easiest way to increase your bank balance from home without paying anything.All you have to do is just clicking on ads in your system that’s it.One thing you should remember while doing this type of work is choosing the correct site.Don’t do this type of jobs any websites other than Clixsense. This site is the king of this category and it is 100% safe. Register in Clixsense here to get special benefits.See this free video that show how to earn money online in clixsense.

2.Online Surveys
Doing online surveys is easier way than any work in the world.It is the quickest to way to get money online also.The work for you in this category is just giving your opinion about some products.This method is especially profitable for USA,UK,CANADA,INDIA,Philippines countries. Read more about online surveys here.

3.Article Writing
This is some kind of a professional job.If you really have some good writing skills you can make a passive income from this but the thing is you have prove yourself at the beginner stage.Choose the correct niche which best suits for your talent and start writing articles in that niche and submit them to websites or you can create your own blog.You can write articles in freelancer sites also check out them here.
4.Freelancer Jobs
Freelancing jobs is main way to most of the online workers and biggest source of making money online in different categories.You can do many type of works like programming,Data entry,Web research and much more.If you want to do this type of work go toodesk, elance, Guru, Fiver, Freelancer websites.This type of jobs will be very suitable for college students, teenagers. Check out all type of works in freelancing sites.
5.Selling online Products
This is somewhat complicated though it is fixed income once you settle down in this business.Create an online store in Amazon or in eBay and start selling products yourself.Otherwise if you have too much talent in any field you can write an e-book and you can sell it.
Many people are passionate about photography then why don’t you use your skills to make good money by selling your photos.You can use below site to sell your photos.
7.Reading Emails
Get paid to reading emails in your inbox.You earn some bucks for reading emails.Checkout these sites to make money for reading emails.
8.Affiliate Marketing
This is the difficult way to get money for beginners because you need to have a good website to do this.If you have a website you can sell some others products and they will give you commission. Amazon,Godday,Hostgator,Flipkart
Finally the ultimate and great way to make money online from home is to build a blog or website and place some ads and write reviews about products and get paid for your work.

This is endless source for income.Unfortunately it is the most difficult way but not impossible all you need to do is having very good knowledge in any niche, passion about blogging and patience.You can create you own domain or site here for just $2 per year.

10.Earn online money by creating Software Applications
This is some serious and professional business development if you can get it right your life will take a new turn and you can make online money easily without spending even a single penny after the first investment.

How to Make Online Money With Mobile Applications?
Think differently and uniquely and create a new application that can attract mobile users as well as PC users.Once you have a idea invest some money and develop application for your idea.If you can get it right you will earn lot of money.Just create Android,Windows,iPhone applications for Phones even you can create for PC users and publish Ads in your Apps.

Final Words
Don’t worry if you can’t get any chance to earn online money try sincerely you will get a chance for sure. It will take some time for anyone to adjust for online works.Once if you start earning online then there is no stopping for you.
If you any other good ways share them with us.Leave your comments.
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How to Get Income from Online Work and Freelance Job

To earn money online. I tried many different ways and methods to make online money fast but most methods or fake and spam. I have found some very good sites in this process so I decided to share this good methods with you to make fast money.

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Follow the instructions to make money online from home :
If you are new to earning online money you may have doubts about making money in online whether it is true or not.Even many educated people also thinking that earning money online fake or spam but it’s their foolishness.You don’t need to hesitate about online money making it is absolutely true.But there are many fake sites.Be aware of them.That’s why we are here to guide you.
Make money online home
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There are so many sites on the web to earn money online but lot of them just attract you and cheat you,that’s why we are providing you only the top most sites in the world that are trusted by millions of the users.

You don’t need to hesitate to work online from to earn money from these sites.We will make you busy by providing information to earn money online with the world’s best and most paying sites.With the investment of trust we are providing you the top most paying sites in the world in the different fields.
Best ways to earn fast money online from home without investment
There are different ways to earn money like Paid to click,Paid to online survey,Paid to article writing,freelancing and much more.Choose what best suits for your talent and knowledge.But paid to click and paid to surveys are easy for beginners but Asian countries (like INDIA , PHILIPPINES) people will be having less number of surveys. USA, UK, Australia, CANADA, FRANCE, Germany, Netherlands and most of the European and American people can make more money.

To start earning money online go through the each and every category and finally select the best field that suites for you.Make yourself busy by earning money online from where you are sitting. These are the top ways for everyone and especially for new users who want to earn online money.

Paid to Click (Recommended for beginners)
Online Surveys (Recommended for everyone)
Data entry and Captcha entry
Note:All the sites posted in this site are trusted sites (All sites will pay surely). Please provide your correct personal details while you are registering in any one of the sites in this blog.If you have any doubt please post your comments. When you try to earn money online sometimes you may feel some difficulties but never give up.

I suggest you to spend some time and adjust yourself for online jobs. If you have any problem,don’t worry we are happy to help you.Contact us on Facebook. We will update the precious information everyday that makes you to earn more & more money.To know the latest information subscribe to this blog. You should read this : How to Make Money Online

Finding your IP and MAC Addresses

Finding your IP and MAC Addresses

On Windows operating systems, you can determine your IP and MAC addresses by opening a command prompt windows (Start -> Run -> cmd) and typing ipconfig /all. Look for the value of IP Address to determine your IP address and Physical Address to determine your MAC.

For Macintosh OS X, open a Terminal window and type ifconfig -a. Look for the value of ether.



What is a MAC Address?
Whether you work in a wired network office or a wireless one, one thing is common for both environments: It takes both network software and hardware (cables, routers, etc.) to transfer data from your computer to another—or from a computer thousands of miles away to yours.

And in the end, to get the data you want right to YOU, it comes down to addresses.

So not surprisingly, along with an IP address (which is networks software), there’s also a hardware address. Typically it is tied to a key connection device in your computer called the network interface card, or NIC. The NIC is essentially a computer circuit card that makes it possible for your computer to connect to a network.

An NIC turns data into an electrical signal that can be transmitted over the network.

Every NIC has a hardware address that’s known as a MAC, for Media Access Control. Where IP addresses are associated with TCP/IP (networking software), MAC addresses are linked to the hardware of network adapters.

A MAC address is given to a network adapter when it is manufactured. It is hardwired or hard-coded onto your computer’s network interface card (NIC) and is unique to it. Something called the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) translates an IP address into a MAC address. The ARP is like a passport that takes data from an IP address through an actual piece of computer hardware.

Once again, that’s hardware and software working together, IP addresses and MAC addresses working together.

For this reason, the MAC address is sometimes referred to as a networking hardware address, the burned-in address (BIA), or the physical address.

How to Get Legal Music and Movies Online

How to get Legal Music and Movies Online
There are a lot of entertainment stuffs available on the Internet that can be enjoyed legally. If you are interested in an artist, check out their personal website or that of their record label to buy albums or sample tracks. If you enjoy a television program, check its network’s website. Several popular television programs are streamed at no cost from these sites. Here are some other places you can look for entertainment:

To Get Legal Sources of Online Content

List of legal sources for downloading music, movies, and other entertainment media.

Other Sources of Legal Entertainment Content Online:

iTunes – The Apple iTunes store provides individual track and album downloads, as well as films, television shows, and podcasts. Requires client download for a personal computer, or an iOS device. Some content contains DRM.

NetFlix – NetFlix basically changed what it means to rent movies, twice over. All subscriptions offer unlimited TV shows and movies streaming directly to your computer, smartphone, console or set top box. For a slight premium, you can also gain access to otheir collection of physical DVD’s and Blu-Rays shipped directly to your door.

Amazon – Actual CDs and DVD’s with, like, plastic cases and little booklets! Remember those? In addition, Amazon offers digital media in the form of DRM-less MP3’s for music and DRM’ed TV shows and movies. Music and video is available on an a la carte basis, but a large portion of video is also availble by yearly subscription through their Amazon Prime service.

Hulu – Hundreds of free television shows and movies streaming through your web browser. Paid subscription to their Hulu Plus service gives you accses to hundreds more and lets you stream it all through your smartphone, tablet, console, or set top box.

Redbox Instant – Hundreds of kiosks all over the city and a large library of streaming titles let Redbox users enjoy movies at any time for low prices. Whether it’s renting a DVD from a kiosk or streaming through their devices.

Pandora – More Internet radio, including the results of a method of music analysis they call The Music Genome Project

Spotify – Search for any song or album anywhere and stream it to your desktop or laptop. Paid subscriptions also offer downloads and portable device support.

eMusic – eMusic operates a bit differently than iTunes while also working on both Mac and Windows. Subscriptions cover a certain amount of downloads per month, and the music is presented in MP3 format which can be transferred to any portable music player. They offer a free trial.

Rhapsody – Rhapsody offers a subscription service for streaming music online through their client. Downloads are also available on individual songs. Emphasis is placed on reviewing as well as presenting material.

ShoutCast – Internet radio from the creators of WinAmp.
Insound – Insound is a nice merchant site for ordering music, especially if you’re looking for new vinyl.

GameFly – GameFly is best described as “The NetFlix of Console Games.” Free trial available.
Live365 – An elder statesman among Internet radio communities.

How to make Chrome Run Faster and Keep RAM Usage Under Control

Googles Chrome is a widely used Browser, it helps user to store many private data which is useful for day to day work life, Since released in 2008 it is one of the top browser in the desktop and mobile market share charts, Google’s browser (Chrome) is flexible, feature packed, and cross-platform. But for all its popularity Chrome is also notorious for its habit of consuming a lot of RAM and draining battery life on laptops.
The reason for this has to do in part with something called process isolation, which is meant to make Chrome more stable and secure. By separating every tab, plugin, and extension into its own process, if a single plugin or website crashes it doesn’t bring down the whole browser. Likewise, by this same logic, if an attack takes place in one tab, it’s harder for it to access data on another tab.
This is why you see a lot different entries for Chrome when you open up Task Manager on your computer, and since the browser needs to duplicate some tasks for every tab, it all adds up. Certain plugins and extensions can also contribute to higher memory usage, and some behind the scenes enhancements, like Chrome’s pre-rendering feature can make loading up a webpage faster by predicting where you’ll go to next, but it will use up some RAM as well.
As long as you have plenty of memory it’s all good. All of this will make your experience faster. The problem is when Chrome’s RAM usage is limiting the amount of memory available for other apps.
Google isn’t blind to these issues and is continually improving in this area, in fact Chrome 55 will be bringing new changes that dramatically reduce the amount of RAM courtesy of an updated JavaScript V8 engine, among others. That release is expected for early December, and if you can’t wait and are of the beta-testing type, the Chrome Beta channel gives you access to the improvements today.
There are some things you can do to curb RAM usage and keep Chrome from becoming slow and annoying, too. We’ll share some ‘hidden’ features you can enable to get the most out of your web browsing experience in this article.


Manually close processes
This should be your first line of defence when Chrome starts to feel sluggish. To see a list of running processes simply head to the Task Manager by pressing Shift + Esc on Windows or from the Window menu if you are on a Mac. Sort processes by memory usage and shut down anything you don’t need.

to view chrome details



Get rid of extensions you don’t use
Just because you needed to download an embedded video one time it doesn’t mean you’ll need an extension for that purpose running all the time. Be selective about the extensions you install and then be selective about the ones you keep. You probably only need a handful of essentials, so type chrome://extensions into the address bar, disable the ones you don’t regularly need but want to keep h      andy, and delete whatever you don’t really need anymore.





Make every plugin click-to-play
Chrome has already started blocking Flash ads, and will start blocking Flash by default later this year except for several major websites. But the browser already includes a built-in click-to-play feature that works for every plugin. To enable it go to chrome://settings, click on Show advanced settings, and then click Content settings under Privacy. Scroll down to the Plugins section and select ‘Let me choose when to run plugin content’.




Make sure that “always allowed to run” isn’t enabled in chrome://plugins as that appears to override the click-to-play setting. Also if you see something that’s not essential in your plugins list you can go ahead and disable or delete like we did with extensions.
One Tab and The Great Suspender
If you tend to keep a lot of tabs open and don’t intend to change that habit, there are a few extensions that can help. Two of the most popular options are One Tab and The Great Suspender.
One Tab basically lets you close every open tab with a click and converts them into a list instead. Whenever you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them all at once or individually by clicking on the respective link. You can also easily export and import your tabs as a list of URLs. Depending on how many tabs you are running and how many scripts are running inside your tabs, moving them to OneTab can significantly improve performance.

The Great Suspender on the other hand has a more hands off approach as it will automatically suspend tabs that have not been used for a while, freeing up memory and CPU that the tab was consuming. Tabs retain their favicon and title text and can be restored by clicking anywhere on the page when needed. You can configure how long to wait before a tab is suspended and whitelist sites.


We should note that Google is testing a feature called tab discarding in Chrome since version 45 that replicates more or less what The Great Suspender does, which is definitely a welcome improvement. If enabled, tabs get automatically discarded from memory when system memory is low, and reloaded when clicked on. In the future, Chrome will be adding tab serializing so after suspending a tab and reloading it you can go back exactly where you were instead of making it load fresh.
Access Chrome’s Experimental Features
If you are feeling adventurous you can play around with Chrome’s flags, which are experimental features that Google is testing but aren’t part of the main browsing experience. To access them type chrome://flags into the address bar. You’ll see a short warning telling you these experimental features may change, break, or disappear at any time. Here are a few we recommend you to try:
Number of raster threads: Changing this number from “Default” to “4” will speed up image rendering.
Enable fast tab/window close: This will run Chrome’s onunload JavaScript handler independently of the GUI to make tab closing faster.
Enable experimental canvas features: This allows Chrome to make use of opaque canvases to speed up web page loading times by making certain assumptions about the content that is being rendered, like automatically removing everything underneath the canvas pixels because it won’t be visible to users.
Automatic tab discarding: If enabled, tabs get automatically discarded from memory when the system memory is low. Discarded tabs are still visible on the tab strip and get reloaded when clicked on. Info about discarded tabs can be found at chrome://discards.
(Bonus) Tab audio muting UI control: This one is not speed related but it is certainly handy. Enabling this will make the audio indicators in the tab strip double as tab audio mute controls, so you don’t need to switch tabs to turn off its sound.

There are over a hundred different experimental features to choose from and Google is constantly adding and removing a bunch of them as part of its testing. Choose whatever you need and click the relaunch now button at the bottom of the screen to apply the settings.
Data Saver Extension
If you are on a slow connection, this Google-made extension can help reduce data usage by using the company’s servers to compress pages you visit before downloading them. Pages accessed using private connections (HTTPS) or in incognito tabs will not be optimized or seen by Google.


Other Good Practices
You can also delete the History Provider Cache to free up some space if needed, and avoid using custom themes as you’ll just use up more system resources unnecessarily. You can also speed up your browsing experience by learning and using Chrome’s keyboard shortcuts.
Be sure to give other browsers a try, too. Safari is a great alternative for Mac users as it’s tightly integrated with the operating system, making it fast and efficient. Microsoft is also building Edge from the ground up to make it a serious contender if you are on Windows 10, and while it’s still lacking some basic features, the company is already touting its efficiency over Chrome, Firefox and Opera.



















How to Scan Andriod Applications for Virus

While Google’s Play Store has a built-in virus scanner that wipes out most malware from the Google Play Store, but you can always use an extra line of protection for your android device. To scan your existing (and future) Android apps, you will need to download an antivirus program; named as “AVG Antivirus” and “Lookout” both are excellent options with free versions, with the former boasting the ability to monitor and regulate smartphone-slowing apps/processes autonomously and the latter supplying regular scans/contact back-ups.

Step 1 : In your Mobile – Go to -Settings
Step 2 : Click on security -> Device administration -> Make sure the Unknown sources is set as off
Step 3 : Go to google play store -> type Lookout and download-Install
Step 4 : once lookout installed -> open the antivirus app > Go to Security
Step 5 : Click on scan now button.
If you have any threats or viruses in your apps, Lookout will alert you to them; you can delete the apps from there.
Depending on the nature of the infected app, you may be able to delete it from within Lookout.
Lookout will also let you know if your device is clean. If so, you can close Lookout.

run lookout on regular/weekly basis to make sure sure your device is virus free.

WhatsApp Video call Steps to follow

WhatsApp video calling has been officially launched and the feature is now rolling out to users on Android, iPhone,and WhatsApp. The WhatsApp video calling feature was recently introduced in the beta builds of WhatsApp for Android and Windows Mobile. If you can’t wait for the video calling feature to show up on your Android phone, here’s how you can get started with it right away.

WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Download & WhatsApp For Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Download WhatsApp For laptop or PC: These days WhatsApp becames a popular application to chat and share informations with our friends and groups, These days WhatsApp becomes very popular in users as it offers many features like sending free SMS, sending and receiving videos from our friends and connected different groups.  We can share our real-time location with our friends. WhatsApp supports lots of smileys and moreover it

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