How to locate /Find IMEI Number Of Any Phone

The actual IMEI  number for the mobile phone acts as a unique identifier with the device. No two devices may have the same IMEI , which makes it a very useful tool for monitoring lost or stolen mobile phones. You can easily retrieve and report your phone’s IMEI number in a number of different ways, determined by your device.

Find IMEI Number Of Any Phone

If you are registering your mobile phone, or trying to trade an old 1 online, you could possibly be asked for the IMEI number. If you’re drawing a blank in addition to trying desperately to learn what this quantity is, don’t be concerned. The IMEI (International Cell phone Station Equipment Identity) is really a unique number assigned to every cellphone sold via established channels. This number can be quite useful if an individual lose your mobile phone, or if it truly is stolen. Police usually require you to mention the IMEI quantity when reporting the phone as stolen and, then, depending upon the local laws, your phone could be blocked from being able to view networks or putting calls by blacklisting their IMEI.


Note that a good IMEI is of a SIM slot, so dual SIM phones may have two IMEI volumes. Similarly, tablets with cellular connectivity will even have a IMEI quantity.

This makes the quantity important in crisis situations. And if the device is located, you can utilize IMEI number to establish it is indeed your mobile phone. This is finding your phone’s IMEI quantity.

When you contain the phone:

How to locate /Find IMEI Number Of Any Phone

USSD signal
This is the best method of finding your phone’s IMEI quantity. The good thing relating to this method is it is more or fewer universal. It works on almost all feature phones in addition to smartphones, so try this before you head hunting for the actual phone’s bill.

Dial *#06# on the phone.

The IMEI quantity will now be displayed around the screen. You should be aware it down a place safe or it is possible to always take a new screenshot.

On the product

If you offer an iPhone 5 or maybe newer iPhone, the IMEI can also be engraved on the back panel. Just flip the product to note this down. On iphone 3gs 4s or old iPhones, the IMEI is printed around the SIM tray.

  • Check out Settings
    On Operating system, go to Controls > About > IMEI to see the IMEI quantity. Tap Status and scroll because of see the IMEI info.

    On an iphone 3gs, tap Settings > Common > About and scroll because of IMEI.

    On alot of phones with a new removable battery, the IMEI is printed on a sticker that is into the phone, under the actual battery. Take the battery out to test.

    When you don’t possess the phone:

Retail store box or expenses
The retail box along with the bill both contain the IMEI number written on them, which is reasonable to keep them safe as opposed to throwing them out there. Keep the box safe at the least, because it is going to be useful in order to check the IMEI, or if you opt to resell the phone afterwards. The IMEI number is going to be on the sticker on the side of the package.

  • Android:
    Android users could check their device’s IMEI number even if they’ve lost the product. All the methods stated previously work perfectly and so are faster, but issues lost the phone instead of kept the package, this can nevertheless bail you out there.

    Log in to be able to Google Dashboard using the Google account linked to the Android phone.

    Click Android, next for the green robot brand.

    This will reveal a listing of devices registered for the account, along making use of their IMEI numbers.

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