How to Locate Android Phone using Google Map

There are an enormous number of phones lost in everyday life. After losing your phone, you will feel like you have lost something your body part. So, today I will tell you how you can locate Android phone using Google Map without making so many efforts.

There are lots of tracking apps in Google play store, which are very popular and works. Using these apps, you will be able to find your phone or get the location of your phones. But there are only a few peoples who know about the tracking applications. They will know about tracking apps after their phone has to be lost or stolen.

How to Locate Android Phone using Google Map

If you are one of them who had lost their phone accidently, then you are the right place. Don’t worry we have a solution for your problem right now. Here is a one of the real way to Locate Android phone. Let me tell you below how the technique is work.

Track Android Phone using Google Map

Let’s have a look at the below method to track your phone:

Google recently launched their tracking service. Only you have to do some necessary steps. Android device manager is an official tool which is installed on every Android phone by default. If you do not know about this tool then, you are using half of your Android feature. The tool is excellent in term of security. It controls all of your Android functions. What to do to trace Android phone.

Things to do before lost your phone

  • Your device must be log into your Google Account.
  • Data services must be activated.
  • Android Device Manager must be turned on.
  • Enabled Location service.

Steps to track location of Mobile phone with Google Map

  1. Make sure to follow the above step, after that go to Google Android Manager.
  2. When you go to Google Android Manager, you will be asking for a sign in using your Google credentials.locate android phone with google map
  3. After that wait for a minute to connect your PC to the internet. After connecting, you will be able to take the actions.locate android phone from google map
  4. Now you will be able to get your location. Here is mine below.locate android phone using google map 2017
  5. Now check these three options below.locate android phone using google map 2017
  6. These three options are using for different actions which are Call on Android phone, lock remotely and erase all personal data.

Try these options if you want to test them. But seriously this is the best way to track your Android phone from other device using Google Map. I strongly recommend adding Google account on your device without wasting time.

The Google tracking works when your phone is stolen, and you know it. Just sit back and open your laptop or friends phone, log in to your account and you will know where your Android phone is. When you are in that place just give a ring. You will find it within a second. The phone will be ring even in a silent mode which is the very good point.

When you think that you are unable to reach to your phone, just wipe your data using Erase option.

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