How to Share your Exact Location from Google Map / Waze / Apple Maps?

How to Share your Exact Location from Google Map / Waze / Apple Maps?

While you away from home or you want to invite somebody to your home, it is easy to guide them with your street address and zip/pin code. You can text the street address and let them search in any map app like Google map, Waze or Apple map based on their choice.

This is not easy while you away from home and staying in an unknown location or a street. These kind of situations, you may not have a precise address or street name not share with your friends. Even through you have a location details, that may not be accurate and not enough to guide your friends to you with that address.

When you are in these kind of situations, your best bet is share the location as co-ordinates. Modern map apps are using these GPS Coordinates or Latitude and Longitude to describe the location with more accuracy.

As long as you have a smart phone with any of the map app like Google Map, Waze or Apple Map app, you can easily share the accurate location just by few tap on your phone. Let us see the step by step instruction to share the location with these map apps.
This work around is applicable to share your current location or a particular location that you want to share with your friends.

Share Location from Google Map

Google Map, one of the most famous app between smart phone users, offering lot of nice features. When you deal with Google Map to share location, you have to pin the required location as the first step. Once you pin it, you can see a small pop-up at the bottom of the map.


This bottom bar will show you the location you pinned on the map. Tap on that bottom pop-up to expand that window. The expanded window, you can see the options to save, label or share the map. Now tap on this share icon to open the share apps on your phone. Based on your phone settings and apps on your phone, you can see multiple apps available to share like iMessage, WhatsApp etc.

Please select the apps you want to use to message your friend and once you tap on any of these app, you can see the location is automatically copied to your message window. Now you can send the location to your friend with few more taps on the message app and they can locate you.

Share Location from Waze

Waze is the one of the world famous community based map application from Google. There are options to save an offline version of the required location in Google and Waze map application that can save your date while on road.

To share your location on Waze, open Waze app on your smart phone, and tap and hold on the map app to pin a location. When you pin on map, the pop-up window will give you two options, “Send” and “GO” buttons. Tap on “Send” button, this will open the Send Location screen on Waze map.

Tap on “More” button on bottom left of the screen to get more apps to send message. Please select any one of the messaging apps according to your choice to send your location to your friend.

Share Location from Apple Maps

Apple Maps workaround is only applicable for iOS users, unfortunately Apple Map is not available in any other platform. It is easy to share the location with other users.


Since this is from Apple Map, there is no point for sharing the location for Android or Windows users. To share the location on Apple Map, tap and hold on the map to select the location you want to share until you see a small popup screen.


Now tap on the right arrow of the box to open the next window that will describe the details about the location. Tap on top right corner arrow button to open the share options. Now you can see the message apps to select and send the location to your family and friends.

This Map sharing workaround will save a lot of time while sharing your location with your friends. Especially you are hurry or driving, these location sharing is quite easy and few taps away rather than typing the entire location address on message window.

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