How to Download and Play Pokemon Go (For iPhone & Android Users)

How to Download and Play Pokemon Go

download and install pokemon go in iphone and android phone

In short, Pokemon Go is a game based on augmented reality in which one should look around his surroundings to play it effectively.

Owing to the fact that the game hasn’t been released all over the world, you need to follow some tricks to download the same.

I have divided this article into two parts; for Android and iOS. In case you are from UK, US, Australia or New Zealand, you can download the game from the official app store.

How to Download Pokemon Go on Android

So now, you are going to read how to download and play Pokemon Go on Android. I suppose you are from an unsupported country with a great desire to play the game.

Hence, I am not testing your patience. Here you go!

Step 1: First, you have to change an option in the Settings panel. So, pick up your phone and open Settings from the app list or notification area.

Step 2: Then, you can see an option named Security. Don’t hesitate to tap on that one.

Step 3: At this step, you will be provided with a bunch of more options. Scroll down to see the one ‘Unknown Sources’. A checkbox is given right to the label. Make sure it is turned on. If it’s not, you should do it to install apps from third-parties.

play pokemon go without data

Step 4: Now, you must download the APK file of the game. You can find a lot of download links by a Google search. But due to the fact that a lot of fake Pokemon Games are being released, you can use the following tested link.

Download Pokemon Go APK

Step 5: In case you are using PC, don’t forget to transfer the file from computer to your Android device. You can reduce this step if you download the file directly from mobile.

play pokemon go on android

Step 6: Go to Downloads folder on your Phone (or the folder you downloaded/ transferred the file) and open the file you just downloaded.

There you go! It may take a while to complete the installation.

So now you know how to download Pokemon Go on Android. I will give you the game play instructions at the end of this article.

How to Download Pokemon Go on iOS

Sadly, you can’t download and play Pokemon Go on iOS with the help of an APK file. That means, the above step is senseless when it comes to iDevices.

Follow the steps down below to know how to download and play Pokemon on iOS.

Step 1: As an iDevice owner, you have an Apple ID. As long as your device is signed into the account with that particular ID, Apple knows where you are from. And, it will not show you the app in the Store if you are from an unsupported country.

So first, you have to logout of your Apple ID. Open Settings and, search for Apple ID.

Step 2: Tapping on Apple ID will give you an option Sign Out.

Don’t forget to follow both the steps given below. Or else, you will be failed to download and play Pokemon Go online.

Step 3: It’s time to change your region now. Go back to the main Settings screen for that. You can see an option called General. After choosing the same, access Language & Region.

There you go! You can see different regions. Change yours to US, New Zealand or Australia.

Step 4: Open app store and search for Pokemon Go. You must see the official game popping up. As I said earlier, many faking games are being launched even in the Apple’s Store. So make sure you choose the official one.

play pokemon go on iOS

N.B. – in case you won’t see the game, you should create a new Apple ID. Don’t worry! It’s not a Herculean process. Just select any app there and go with Create new Apple ID. You need to give a US or Australian address (a simple Google search will serve the purpose or use Choose None in the billing section as well.

Step 5: Now, download Pokemon GO on iOS and enjoy your time. Now, you can sign out that account which you have created to download this game and can sign in old account and keep playing Pokemon Go game.

How to Play Pokemon Go; Some Tips and Instructions

  • You need an active internet connection to play the game. Owing to the fact that it needs us to walk around, Wi-Fi is not an ideal choice here.
  • In case you are from a region with no 3G or 4G, gameplay will be impossible (it’s difficult to play on 2G).
  • The game needs you to look at the screen all the time. But you should be aware of the premises as well. Or else, it will cause some physical damages.
  • You may find it difficult to catch Pokemons. So whenever you see one, just turn off the AR and see the creature moves to the center of the screen. Then, it will be easy for you to catch.

download and play pokemon go on iphone

  • Pokemon Go drains your battery like no other apps. But you can decrease the drainage rate by making use of the offline maps function.

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