Follow these 7 tips to shoot best photos by DSLR

Want to shoot like a pro and capture images that have something extra in them? Well, use these 7 tricks that professional photographers use while clicking images. 

Less is more

Try to simplify your compositions. Normally capturing too many subjects in single frame messes up the image and hence area of main interest is lost. The best way to compose is to keep looking through the viewfinder. First observe all four corners and then look at the main subject area.  Beginners often ignore the whole frame and concentrate just on the center of the composition.

Come out of Fools Mode

For me, Green Mode (or auto mode) is Fools Mode where a user loses control over his camera and shoots inconsistent pictures. Accuracy in this mode is unpredictable. One should master manual mode where you set 3 major parameters such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO yourself according to the change in light or situation. To start with, photo enthusiast can try using program, shutter priority and aperture priority where they can freeze partial settings and the rest is taken care by the camera.

Just wear your camera

Photography is all about capturing moments which can only be possible when you are ready with your camera. Beginners carry cameras and lenses packed in various covers inside their fancy camera bags. They miss magic moments while struggling with their cameras. I wear my camera like denims and wrist watch when I leave home.

Chase the light

Understanding light is very important. After all photography is all about writing with light, word photo is light and graphy is writing. Three important things to look for are direction of light, nature of light & colour temperature of light. Best time to capture image are 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. 

Candid is the call

While shooting street and travel pictures one should look for natural and spontaneous moments where subjects in the frame are unaware of your camera. Be quick to compose, grab and leave from the scene. Posing on streets looks too boring and artificial unless you are shooting portraits where eye contact is important or required.

Focus right

Even in digital era where cameras are sophisticated, people are shooting out-of-focus pictures with their autofocus cameras. Come out of default camera’s wide focus area where camera itself selects where to focus and photographer loses control. Always select AF points where main subject is in the frame. For capturing people just select focus point on the eye, which is closer to the lens. Critical focus on the main subject or elements is very vital.

Be original

Be inspired but never try to copy somebody’s work. Look for unique vantage points, you can’t shoot all the pictures from your eye view point. Such as for shooting kids one needs to go down to their head level to capture their true emotions and expressions. Don’t hesitate to try options in terms of different focal lengths. Also, experiment with diverse light.








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