Fix DNS Server not responding Error : Not working|Solved

But here in this article we will come discuss the some of the cool tricks by which you can easily handle the problem within few seconds. So normally, the “DNS server not responding” is a message indicated when you hit on the troubleshooting using the control panel tools and also fixing the issue may sometime works but if not you have to go into more complex system repair. And they are too very easy just follow the below given three methods of which one method could fix the problems and still faced problem then follow the second and third methods too.

dns server not responding error

How to Fix DNS server not responding Error in your windows PC

If you are using the windows 7, 8.1 or even 10; all the OS are applicable for this methods of troubleshooting the DNS server not responding. Some of the common reason that causes the DNS error are- the website server may be temporarily down for some technical issues, when your DNS service of your PC is corrupted or not functioning properly and it may also be because your PC security software or firewall may have blocked from connecting the desired websites you enter.

3 methods to Troubleshoot the DNS error not responding error in your PC

Here below we will start with the basic troubleshooting technique to fix DNS error and then for more complex issues, we also have advance techniques too. So the methods are-

1. Fix DNS error using Control panel tools

While you first faced problems related to network connection you would probably turn on the Troubleshooting using the control panel. And when found DNS server not Responding; then follow the below steps to fix them right away-

  • Click on the Start and hit on the Control Panel
  • Under the Control panel, you search and hit on the Network And Sharing
  • Under it you will find, Change adapter settings
  • Now right click on the network adapter and select the Properties
fix dns server not responding error
fix dns server not responding error
  • After that hit on the Internet Protocol then click on Properties
  • Finally set the default DNS to be Google’s DNS i.e. or

dns server not responding issue fix

  • Once it is enabled, you will find Validate settings upon exit click OK to end the process

2. Fix DNS Error Using Command Prompt

Using Command prompt is taking the troubleshooting process to higher level in to your system. So let us discuss the steps to make the DNS error free from your PC and use the internet network connection properly.

  • To fix the problem, click on the Windows Key plus R for opening the Run window. Under the Run, type cmd and hit the enter key to start
  • Now type netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt This command is used for resting up your IP system which will help you to restore your PC manually.
  • While entering the netsh command when you find the problems to be detected; you must type ipconfig /flushdns and hit the Enter button. Similarly with ipconfig /registerdns and hit Enter key, ipconfig /release and hit Enter key, ipconfig /renew and hit enter key, netsh winsock reset and hit Enter key, ipconfig /flushdns and hit the enter key.
  • All this command will help you flushing the stored DNS cache from your PC system.
  • When all the process is done, now restart your computer and the problem will be fixed.

NOTE: But if you do not get any error, you should perform the process shown above.

3. Fix DNS error created due to Security software

Security software may can cause you the DNS issue in connecting your internet. And most of the time if the software is corrupted they would show the- DNS server Not Responding error. So if the problem arise with the software, this can cause you the issues to block any website to show off or even block the whole network connection in your computer. So beow we will discuss some of the important point to help fixing the DNS problem in your computer.

  • Disable Firewall

Security firewall is computer system security software which is provided with a very limited power for system protection. So disabling it and getting new premium security software is of good idea.

  • Customize the network facilities

Sometime by default the system may automatically switch the operating system into safe mode which may disturb the network connection; especially with the wifi router and the PC connected to it. If the computer is out of Wifi router range, your network connection wont be so easy for working. So turn the third party network provider into the range for getting proper connection.

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