How to enable Dark mode in Google Chrome in Windows 10

Google Chrome is rumored to get a native Dark mode in respect to the light and dark theme of Windows 10. The native Dark mode of Google Chrome is currently in testing mode and only available through the Google Chrome Canary project. Google Chrome Canary is a test version of the original Chrome browser where Google tests all the new and upcoming feature before it makes to the final version of the browser.

The Dark mode helps to reduce the eye fatigue in low light conditions and it also helps in reducing the battery consumption on some of the AMOLED display devices.

The Chrome’s Dark theme is designed to automatically make a switch from dark/light mode based on the system user-interface theme. Additionally, Chrome will also provide users to choose either dark or light mode permanently.

In case, you are curious about using and checking out the Dark mode in Google Chrome browser, here’s our ready-to-use guide for you.

First things first
– As mentioned above, the dark mode is only available in Google Chrome Canary project. So, users will have to download a separate browser.

– Also, do keep in mind that this is a test browser so do not make it your default browser or at least avoid using the browser for some serious work such as the office or banking related.

Steps to follow:

– Download and install the Google Chrome Canary on your PC

– After you’ve installed Chrome Canary, right-click on the shortcut and click on ‘Properties’ option

– From the ‘Shortcut’ option look for the ‘Target’ field

– Rewrite the syntax as ‘\chrome.exe’ –force-dark-mode’

– Click on ‘Apply’ button followed by ‘Ok’ for confirmation to save the changes you’ve made.

Now, the Google Chrome Canary will start in Dark mode next time you open the browser.

To remove the Dark mode, simply remove -force-dark-mode from the Target field.

Note: This is not the final version of the Chrome’s dark mode, we can expect a better way to turn on/off this feature in the final release.

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