The signs indicates that – You are in Wrong Job


It’s all too easy to lose yourself in your daily tasks at work and ignore the larger question of whether or not you should be doing them in the first place. But the warning signs you’re in the wrong job could be creeping all around you: maybe your role has subtly shifted into something you no longer recognize, maybe your relationship with the boss isn’t what it used to be, or maybe you’ve taken on four roles when you’re only being compensated for only one. Whatever the case, here are the 20 biggest red flags that are screaming for you to throw in the towel immediately.

Tips and Tricks to Make AWS Work to Your Advantage

Amazon Web Services, touted as a pioneer in the Cloud service providers, has been a consistent frontrunner in the IAAS and PAAS space. Organizations irrespective of their size have chosen AWS as their go-to Cloud service provider making it an undisputed contender in the area of Cloud services. With the margin in the race to the top constantly widening between AWS and its closest market competitor, their predominance can be attributed to their carefully crafted market strategy. AWS retains the top position because of its continuous innovation approach strategy as well as an attitude of expanding partner ecosystem.

Great Tips to Learn Amazon AWS Cloud Service

I am recently working on other learning courses and since AWS is a technology I’ve been working with for some years, I thought I’ll help people on their learning path to master this Cloud provider’s services & technologies.

Tips and Tricks for starting Android App Developers

While you build your career as an Android developer, there are important things you should always keep in mind if you want to increase your chances of success. No matter if you want to make your own project or work for a recognized company, there are some essential aspects to be aware of while developing an app.

Stop Those Annoying Browser Prompts Asking for Your Location or to Send Notification

If you’ve grown tired of answering those annoying browser prompts every time a website wants to show you notifications or know your location, you can turn the messages off forever with a few clicks in every major browser. Scroll down below for your browser and where to locate the appropriate settings in Chrome (desktop and Android), Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari (desktop and iOS).

10 Tips for Good Smartphone photography

Smartphones are by far the most common form of camera used today, and it’s easy to see why: they’re compact, most people have one with them at all times, and many can take photos that rival standalone point and shoot cameras.

To help you take the best photos with your phone, we’ve laid out ten handy tips we find ourselves using every day. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to produce some awesome shots from a fairly limited though continually improving camera platform.

How to Prevent Shutdown of a Windows Computer

In case you’re searching for an approach to keep individuals from closing down or logging off your Windows machine, you’ve gone to the correct place. Whatever your reason might be, there are a few approaches to evacuate all choices for closing down or logging off a Windows PC.

5 Hard Drive Formatting and Partitioning Utilities

Formatting hard drives and outside hard drives is typically a genuinely direct process. The two most well known working frameworks, Windows and Mac OS both have arranging utilities worked in, which makes designing outer drives considerably more helpful. In any case, with the majority of the diverse drive producers, interfaces and other similarity and organizing issues that hard drives can have, at times the best decision is to utilize claim to fame arranging applications and utilities.

Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

Many hardcore computer users might consider themselves above learning new tricks, but there are always new ways to sharpen your skills on the PC and we bet that you will find at least one useful thing here that you didn’t know before.

We’ve compiled some of the most handy computer tricks you should be taking advantage of. The ultimate goal is to help you become more productive by shaving valuable seconds off your workflow. Of course, you can always pass along these tips to your not-so-savvy friends and family members to help them become better PC users as well.

Common default Router IP Addresses List

To make your work easy  we are providing here a list of router’s IP address of different vendors of routers, our aim is to provide a information about the IP addresses of routers as default. Here’s the scenario: you are trying to fix network issues at a relative’s place and you need to access the router’s browser interface. We’ve all been there, fruitlessly pecking in combinations of 192.168.x.x. Unless you have every default router address tattooed on your forearm, you’ll eventually encounter one that stumps you.

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