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How to bulk remove/unfollow Twitter followers

How to BULK remove Twitter followers

If you have a large number of Twitter followers to remove you can speed up this process using Google Chrome addon and some JavaScript.

  1. Using  Google  Chrome, install the Twitter Followers Blocker addon
  2. Log in to your twitter account and go to
  3. Click on the blue Block Followers icon at the top right of Google Chome to launch the addon

How to hide liked videos link in YouTube from your public video channel

By default YouTube displays a list of videos you have liked on your video channel. This may raise privacy concerns if you do not want people, potentially anyone with access to the Internet, to see the videos you have liked.

To hide liked videos from the public:

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Click on your user icon at the top right of the window then click on the cog icon (YouTube settings)

The signs indicates that – You are in Wrong Job


It’s all too easy to lose yourself in your daily tasks at work and ignore the larger question of whether or not you should be doing them in the first place. But the warning signs you’re in the wrong job could be creeping all around you: maybe your role has subtly shifted into something you no longer recognize, maybe your relationship with the boss isn’t what it used to be, or maybe you’ve taken on four roles when you’re only being compensated for only one. Whatever the case, here are the 20 biggest red flags that are screaming for you to throw in the towel immediately.

Can it be possible to trace mobile with or a changed IMEI phone?

Many cellphone users are led to believe that the 15-digit IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number, which is unique to their handset, will help trace their lost phone.

But the truth is that only a small percentage of the lost mobiles are traced even though complainants provide the number to the police.

The reason cited for this failure is the deletion of the crucial IMEI number soon after the loss.

Reinstall Windows 10 Without Deleting Your Software, Files or Settings


We recently experienced an installation of Windows 10 with system files that were corrupt to the point that certain sections of the Settings app would automatically close when being opened, among other bugs around the platform.

After attempting typical repair options, we used a Windows 10 ISO to perform an in-place upgrade, reinstalling Windows 10 while keeping our applications and all.

How to enable Dark mode in Google Chrome in Windows 10

Google Chrome is rumored to get a native Dark mode in respect to the light and dark theme of Windows 10. The native Dark mode of Google Chrome is currently in testing mode and only available through the Google Chrome Canary project. Google Chrome Canary is a test version of the original Chrome browser where Google tests all the new and upcoming feature before it makes to the final version of the browser.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android mobile

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging app in the world and almost everyone uses it on a daily basis to communicate. WhatsApp lets users send messages, photos and videos instantly. However, there are times when we want to send a message at a specific time such as birthday wishes, New Year wishes, greetings, etc. WhatsApp does not have a feature to schedule any message within the app. Having said that, there are several third-party apps available on Google Play Store that lets users schedule any message at the given time and date.