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How To Remove Share Option From The Context Menu In Windows 10

We touched on contextual sharing in Windows 10 a while back. With contextual sharing, you can share files directly from the context menu via apps that support it. Apps that support contextual sharing automatically appear in the Share menu, along with a few suggested apps. As much as Windows 8 got flak for its many, many poor design choices, the contextual sharing ala the Charms bar wasn’t bad. This Share option is barely there. If you don’t like using it, you can remove Share from the context menu in Windows 10.

How To Go Live With Friends On Instagram

Instagram’s Live broadcast feature is quite popular. Brands and ordinary people alike use the feature to stream events, big and small, to their followers. It’s become quite popular over time and Instagram has been improving it slowly ever since. You can save an Instagram live video and make it available for 24 hours to your followers. The latest addition that Instagram has made to live videos is a neat conference feature. You can now go live with friends on Instagram.

How To Install The Latest AMDGPU-PRO Drivers On Linux

Installing the official AMDGPU-Pro drivers on Linux has always been a bit of a pain. Furthermore, the company behind these graphics cards (until recently) hasn’t paid much attention to Linux users. As a result Radeon users have had to deal with terrible Linux gaming support, substandard performance and etc. Recently, AMD abandoned those ways, and re-made the entire Linux driver system for newer Radeon cards. Here’s how to install the latest AMDGPU-Pro drivers on Linux.

The iOS Calculator Might Not be Adding Numbers Correctly

When you’re adding or subtracting lots of numbers, there’s always a chance you might make a mistake. If you use the stock iOS calculator app, the chances are greater. If you don’t believe it, try adding 1+2+3 quickly. Chances are the answer you get is 24 which is obviously wrong.  This appears to be a long standing problem with iOS and the culprit in this case is an odd one; animations.

How To Install Or Upgrade To Ubuntu 17.10

It’s October, which means a new release of Ubuntu is ready. This latest version, Ubuntu 17.10 of has some great new features, as well as some dramatic changes under the hood. For those looking to install this latest version, there is no need to go to a  Best Buy and buy a copy in a store. Instead, download a copy of Ubuntu 17.10 by heading to the official website.

Be careful when browsing the website for 17.10 though, as multiple versions of Ubuntu are on the page. Scroll down the page, avoid the 16.04.3 LTS download link. Right below that, select the 17.10 download button.

How To Enable Power Throttling In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

In January 2017, Microsoft announced power throttling in Windows 10. The feature was originally meant to roll out with the Creators Update but wasn’t ready on time. It’s now live and you can enable power throttling in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

How To Get Motion Photo And Face Retouching On Nexus 5X And 6P

The Google Pixel 2 comes with a very exclusive version of the Google Camera app. This particular version has two features that most  Android users are dying to get their hands on; Motion Photo and Face Retouching. Motion Photo is basically Google’s name for Live Photos. Face Retouching is Google’s version of studio lighting. Whether these features compare with those on the iPhone is a different debate.

How To Check If Fall Creators Update Is Available

October 17, 2017 is here and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is rolling out. It will roll out in phases and users who are on newer systems, particularly those that came with Windows 10 originally, will get the update first. There shouldn’t be too much wait for other users. Generally, it should be available for everyone within a month unless you disable updates.

Hands On With Microsoft Edge For iOS And Android

Microsoft has released Edge for iOS and Android. The app, at present, is in its beta version. If you’re on the Windows Insider program, you can sign up to test Microsoft Edge Preview for iOS and Android. You might think there are enough browsers for iOS and Android but there’s always room for one more.

How To Hide Dock Badges In Do Not Disturb Mode In macOS

The human mind is capable of amazing things when it’s trying to procrastinate. The best checks to keep us from wasting time when we’re working often fail. Case in point; dock app icon badges. Do Not Disturb on macOS, unlike its iOS counterpart, isn’t meant to help you sleep through the night without being bothered by notifications.

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