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How To Find Conflicting Files In Dropbox

Dropbox has changed how we back-up files. It is one the best ways to make sure you always have a back-up copy of your most important files. If you’ve ever had a hard drive crash or your OS corrupt itself, Dropbox might have saved you. While the app and service is great,

How To Add A Custom Button To The Touch Bar In macOS

The Touch Bar on new MacBook Pros will take time to catch on. Users have to decide when/if they want to upgrade their laptops and if they want these newer models. It’s going to take some time for this new hardware addition to become popular. Of course, user adaptability isn’t the only obstacle here.

How to Connect Your Phone to a TV

Connect Your Phone to a TV

Your smartphone screen is your window to the worl d and the 21st-century equivalent of what in the olden days would’ve been a battered, leather-bound journal. Pictures, videos, and other documents of our life are contained within that small screen, but there inevitably comes a time in your life when you want to share them on a bigger screen. Thankfully, there are myriad ways to connect your phone to a TV these days, and here we will go through the most popular methods.

How to Connect to a VPN Automatically on Linux

Connect to a VPN Automatically on Linux

There are easy ways to connect to your VPN from Ubuntu. A lot of VPNs provide excellent Linux clients. Even if they don’t, you can use the Network Manager applet to set up a VPN connection. However, if you want to connect without a GUI or you want your connection to run automatically as a service for all users, those options won’t really work.

How Do I Find Missing Software On Ubuntu?

Ubuntu users enjoy some of the best selections of software on Linux, it’s not all great. Due to the slow release cycle of the popular Linux distribution, some users find themselves missing updates to popular software. One of the best ways to find missing software on Ubuntu, is to search for a PPA.

How To Block Large Image Files From Loading In Firefox

The average internet speed a user could expect some twenty years ago would make browsing a modern web page impossible. Generally speaking, both technology and connection speeds have improved exponentially in the past. It’s what makes services like Netflix and Hulu possible.

How To Set First Day Of The Week In Windows 10

The first day of the week is different depending on which country you live in. Windows ought to use your regional settings to decide which is the first day of the week, or even how to display the date but it doesn’t. The regional settings only serve to set the date and check if a country follows day-light savings.

How to Restore Deleted Files

If you accidentally deleted an important file, you would want know how to restore deleted files on your computer. Try to restore the deleted files as soon as possible. The more it’s delayed, harder it becomes to restore the files back.

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Demand of Notebook PC or laptop has seen a sharp increase in the past few years and justly so given its tiny frame and high performance. They are particularly a blessing for people on move. Lightweight and sized just right. However, it faces same problems like any other mobile device.

How To Save Videos On Facebook To View Later

I always tried to avoid visiting Facebook in the past as once I was there I would literally waste time just scrolling through interesting but not valuable information. Of course I loved to see who was doing what and those post could easily be scrolled through, however when it came to videos, this type of media demanded my full attention.

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