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How To Pin Notes In The Notes App In iOS 11

The highlight feature in iOS 11 is drag & drop. Unfortunately, it isn’t working all that well in the current iOS 11 betas. Aside from this one major feature, the other features in iOS 11 are small. In fact, they aren’t so much as features as they are improvements. Apple has been improving a lot of apps in iOS 11 and Notes is one of the apps that has received considerable attention. In iOS 11, you can scan documents

How To Turn Off Auto-Play For Videos In Google Search

Auto-playing videos are never a good ideas

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all guilty of auto-playing videos but Twitter and Instagram still mute them while they play. Facebook on the other hand plays videos with sound by default and you have to turn it off. This is annoying behaviour but given these are all social apps, it’s to be expected. A social app pushes content onto the user

Best Job Interview Tips for Job-Seekers

Best Job Interview Tips” Job Interview is the most important thing for a job seeker. If you go for an interview you must be well prepared for this because you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. Here we provide some strategies to improve your interview skills:

How to choose a career in IT industry

This cheat sheet presents practical tips for finding and getting the right job in the information technology industry. To print, use the one-sheet PDF version; you can also edit the Word version for you own needs. If you like this, take a look at my other IT cheat sheets.

Computer Safety Tips

Using a computer is not generally thought of as being one of the most hazardous activities. While the internet serves as a wonderful educational tool, it is an unregulated one and teachers, parents and children should be aware of the inherent dangers of using the world wide web. Computer safety protects you and your computer.

Top 10 Job Interview Tips

  1. Be punctual for a job interview. An employer knows that if you can’t show up on time for a job interview, you can’t do it for work either.
  2. Prepare in advance even if you think you don’t require any preparation. The preparation you did for previous job interviews can’t be an excuse for not preparing for the one you are about to attend today

How to Improve Study Skills

Improving your study skills will help you succeed, not only in academic, but also in life in general. By improving your study skills, you improve memory and cognitive awareness as well as increase the likelihood you’ll achieve better grades. Making the decision to improve your study skills will greatly influence your life for the better.

Personal Etiquette Tips

A first impression is essential for professional and personal success. Its often the only opportunity you have to sell yourself to a potential employer or business partner. Your personal etiquette represents how you feel about yourself and the outside world.

Responsibilities of Oracle DBA

An Oracle DBA is a senior-level manager who often earns as much as a Vice President, and has lots of responsibility, managing the mission-critical data for the whole company. Oracle DBA’s will be responsible for the deployment and management of enterprise-class operations on the Internet and company Intranet.

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