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How To Get Bigger Keys On Your Keyboard In iOS

iOS has some of the best accessibility support you will find on smartphones. If you have a visual impairment, you can make text on your device appear much larger. Unfortunately, this particular feature has its limitations. For one, an app must add support for larger text. If you increase the font size, it won’t really work in other apps unless they support it. YouTube recently added support for larger text sizes. The second limitation applies to the keyboard. No matter how large you set the text size, you don’t get bigger keys on your keyboard.

The good news is, there’s a pretty simple way to work around this. iOS supports third-party keyboards. All you really need is an that gives you bigger keys on your keyboard. Meet Big Keys; it’s an iOS app worth $2.99 but is free at the moment. It lets you increase the size of the keyboard keys. It works best in landscape mode, and on an iPad. On an iPhone, the size of the keys is limited, especially if you’re using the app in portrait mode.

Download and install Big Keys. You need to add the app as a keyboard. Open the Settings app. Go to General>Keyboard, and add a new keyboard. From the list of keyboards, select Big Keys.

Next, open any app that you can type in. Tap the globe key and select ‘Big Key’ from the available keyboards to switch to it.

Big Keys, as its name implies, has larger keys. It fills in the space between keys in the default keyboard to give you larger letters. From our brief test, typing accuracy didn’t suffer with the larger keys.

Big Keys not only gives you larger keys but also has a few nice contrasting themes for better visibility. You can control the size and the theme of the keyboard.

To change the size of the keys, open the Big Keys app. You can adjust the size of the letters and the emoji independently. Use the slider to increase or decrease the size of the keys. Big Keys has its own independent settings for auto-capitalization and add a period when you tap the space key twice. Tap ‘settings’ to customize these settings.

To change the keyboard theme, simply swipe through the themes shown at the bottom of the app’s home screen. Tap the theme that looks best to you, and it will be applied.

Download Big Keys From The App Store 

how to close apps on mac computer

On macOS, closing AN app and quitting it ar 2 various things. once you shut AN app, you shut all its windows. once you quit AN app, you exit it. The distinction may be a closed app is technically still running. If you open it once more, it’ll open a lot of quicker. Some apps don’t differentiate between closing and quitting. If you shut AN app, you effectively quit it at a similar time. App Be Back may be a free macOS app that enables you to open recently quit apps via a keyboard road. If you lately quit multiple apps, you’ll re-open all of them once more in reverse order. App Be Back is just like the undo-close for recently closed tabs in your browse, except it works for apps.

Download and run App Be Back. you’ll undo-quit or open recently quit apps on macOS for all apps you quit when running App Be Back. If you quit AN app once App Be Back wasn’t running, it’ll not be able to re-open it. The app works via a keyboard road, and its menu bar icon.

To open recently quit apps, merelyfaucet the Shift+Command+W keyboard route. this may open the recent app you only quit. If you faucet the routeonce more, it’ll open the app you quit before that last app.

For example, if you quit Safari, Photos, and Calendar in that order, the first time you tap the Shift+Command+W shortcut, it will open the Calendar app. If you tap it a second time, it will open Photos. Tapping it a third time will open Safari.

what are typical file permissions for a superuser?

Windows ten is incredibly serious concerning transferral UNIX to its user base. return Sept and Windows ten can add support for numerous UNIX distros. the prevailing Windows scheme for UNIX got associate update with the Creators Update. If you’ve already upgraded to the Creators Update, you ought to update the Windows scheme For UNIX version. once you initial change WSL on Windows ten, you produce a user account. This sole account is that the default account. Whenever you open WSL, it opens during this account. you’ll add a lot of accounts to WSL and alter the default account. clearly there’s no graphical user interface to feature & switch users in Windows scheme for UNIX. you would like to use a command within the bash shell to feature & switch users in Windows scheme for UNIX, and alter the default user.”windows 10 bash home directory

Add New User

To add a brand new user, open Ubuntu on Windows ten. Enter the subsequent command;

You will ought to enter the word for the presentUNIX user to forma replacement user. once the new user has been created, you’ll enter a reputation, and a word for the user.

Switch User

To switch users, enter the following command;

su username

Replace ‘username’ with the username for the user you want to switch to.

Change Default User

You need try this via the prompt. There area unit 2 eventualities once it involves dynamic the default user. you’ve got associate existing user that you simply need to line because the new default user otherwise you need to forma brand new user and set it because the default user.”windows 10 bash home directory

To set associate existing user because the default user, enter the subsequent command;

LxRun.exe /setdefaultuser username

Replace ‘username’ with the user you want to set as the default. If the user doesn’t exist, this command will create a new user and set it as the default user.

Change Password For A User

You can change the password for a user too if you want. The command is pretty simple. Open Bash in Windows 10. Switch to the user you want to change the password for (see above). Enter the following command to change the password;


You will be prompted to enter the current password before you can change it. If you’ve forgotten your current password, you won’t be able to set a new password. There’s not much recourse for you in this matter so be careful what passwords you set. Don’t make them too easy but make them something you can remember